Investment Philosophy

Our investment process is focused on three fundamentals:

 Macro Driven

Analysis of the Macro environment is at the core of the investment process. Assimilating the widest range of external inputs, we form our own views. We believe a changing investment environment requires adaptation, innovation and relentless focus.

 Factor Analysis

Investment Factors rather than asset classes are our toolkit for analysing the macro environment, for managing investments and for assessing risk. Factor analysis enables the selection of the optimum investment structure through the seamless integration of conventional and alternative investment strategies and the adoption of appropriate portfolio hedging.

 Portfolio Construction

Our unique synthesis of the theoretical and the practical gives flexible portfolio structure within which investment views can most efficiently be expressed. Liquid Strategy baskets and an Alternative Strategy basket are used in partnership to efficiently and effectively express these views. Clear identification of desirable risks and efficient exposure to them is the principal fundamental to our portfolio construction process. Risk management is embedded within our business and process even before formal risk management is undertaken since downside evaluation is an inherent part of portfolio construction and stock selection.